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How to style my hair?

How to style my hair?


How to style my hair is one of the most questions I get from women at my salon. This questions is usually followed by: “How come my styled hair doesn’t last all day?”

how to style my hair?

  1. Most important element to any style is a great hair cut that works with the hair itself. It must goes with your curtly, straight or fine hair.
  2. The second most important style tip is to blow dry the hair from wet to completely dry using the right brush from the roots out.
    1. Working from roots out will give you long lasting lift and you can direct better movement in the hair coming from the roots.
    2. Always dry the hair completely, your style will last longer.

For men’s hair I recommend to have it cut every 4 weeks. It keeps you well groomed always. Also if you have full or round face you may consider keeping the top little longer and sides more tapered. Keeping eyebrows groomed cut and shaped will go a long way to improve the shape of the face and gives you a younger appearance.


How to blow dry hair

Basics of Blow Drying Hair

What if you start your day with a bad blow dry? You probably already know that it will be real difficult correcting the problem the rest of the day. When and where are you going to get another opportunity to blow dry your hair during your busy day?

Let’s get this done right the first time.

After washing your hair, towel dry as much as practicable.  Apply mousse or styling product such as a gel from the roots to the ends.  However, don’t use a cream product unless you have curly hair.  Cream will be greasy on the roots, but is required to deal with the complexities of curly hair.  Curly hair needs to have the ends softened and only a cream will accomplish this.

Some people will “finger” blow dry their hair before using a styling brush.  This is done by stretching the roots.  Use your fingers to hold the hair away from the scalp.  This creates lift upon the roots and develops more body to the hair mass. However, this procedure is only used to develop volume to the hair and not styling or even significant drying.  For these, we move to the use of a styling brush and sectioning.

Separate the hair into one- inch layers starting at the back of the head and blow dry each section completely before moving to the next section. Use a round styling brush to manipulate and style the hair as it dries.  Blow dry beneath and to the sides of each layer before drying the top surface of the section.  It is critical to completely dry the section and eliminate all dampness before moving to the next layer of hair.   This ensures that your style will be stable for at least two days.  If the hair is damp, it will go back to being frizzy or flat and the styling will be lost.

Cutting and Styling Curly Hair

Cutting and Styling Curly Hair | Dallas Hairstylist – Ladan

Observing how a hair stylist deals with curly hair is a sure means of separating a master hairdresser from an amateur.

Correctly styled curly hair consists of soft, organized bundles of hair that form well-organized but are also random coils that hang naturally.  What we want to avoid is Frizz, which consists of excessively curly hair that has disintegrated into individual fibers that explode in every direction and form a giant rats nest.

To cut curly hair we need a balanced cut that is light on top to sustain density but where the cut is heavy enough at the bottom to prevent massive clumping.  The hair should not be of one length or aggressively layered to leave either the top or bottom too heavy.  Fail here and the hair will be flat and lifeless.  If the hairdresser uses thinning shears or texturizing scissors, short hairs will immediately explode into a Friggen Frizzen mess.  No amount of product can fix this one.  Once cut, we blow dry the hair to a straight condition to allow a precise check of the balance and distribution of weight.  At this point, the client can elect to wear the hair straight or we can elect to go for a naturally curly look.

To get the natural curl, we will rewet the hair and use a towel to remove bulk water using a squeeze and release motion with no rubbing of the towel against the hair to shear the beautiful soft bundles we are seeking.  Once bulk water is removed and the hair is still wet, we will apply a light-weight leave-on conditioner and a very light mousse.  We will then dry only the roots of the hair and let the remainder air dry slowly.  This will result in the formation of very soft and well defined curls.

My husband, a chemist and physicist, tells me that these soft curls are the result of moisture retained on the hair, which prevents the proteins of the hair from recoiling into tight little springs.  The mousse sustains the slight adhesion between the hair fibers to sustain the bundles and prevent the formation of a disorganized Frizz.  He tells me that I am doing some elegant chemistry and physics with my clients.  Who knew?

P.S. – Check out this cool article on curly hair from Popular Science

How to keep your hair clean and healthy

How to keep your hair clean and healthy?

It always starts with the shampoo and conditioner.


Here are some quick tips for to consider next time you washing your hair.

What is the best way to shampoo hair?

Always massage the scalp, never lift the hair and rub against each other. This causes tangles and breakage. Long hair will be cleansed as the shampoo washes out with water. Proper rinsing is essential, poor rinsing results in dull hair and flaky scalp.

Do I really need to use conditioner?

Are much more than just moisturizing ingredients. Law of physics comes into play each time you apply one. Positively charged polymers in the conditioners attach themselves into the negatively charged damaged areas of your hair. This way each hair shaft is coated with protective moisturizing ingredients. Hair masks work the same way, but because they are left on the hair longer, they have more time to penetrate the hair shaft. The ingredients are easily absorbed by the hair.

You can also use leave-in conditioners. Leave-in conditioners are great for fine hair, it prevents fly-aways and static.  Also with coarse hair it gives it shine and makes it more manageable.

*Remember too much conditioner is also bad, it leaves the hair flat. Try to keep in the middle ground with conditioner.

Some of the frequently ask qustions I get about how to clean your hair and keeping it healthy are:

Question: Is shampooing bad for your hair? Will it cause the color to fade?

 No, as long as you use good product to seal the cuticle and lock in color.

Question: Why does my hair feel greasy and my scalp is dry after shampooing?

That comes from not rinsing a product out properly. Wash the scalp and the hair until it feels squeaky clean to the touch. It’s recommended to rinse with cold water which seals the conditioner in the ends. Avoid conditioner on your scalp. Always condition the hair at medium length (starting from the ponytail down the the ends).

Ladan isn’t just a hairstylist, she is your personal style coach.
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Hair and Makeup Tips

Hair and Makeup Tips

Enjoy a few tips for men and women from one of the country’s renowned hair and makeup stylists:


Your beautiful hair:

  • For curly hair, blow dry the hair from wet to completely dry and from roots out. Working from roots out will give you a longer lasting lift.
  • Always dry your hair completely in order for the style to last longer.
  • Men should have their hair cut every four weeks to keep it well groomed.
  • For men with a fuller face, consider keeping the top a little longer and the sides more tapered.
  • Men should keep their eyebrows groomed,  cut and shaped way to give a younger appearance.

And a few Makeup tips:

  • Women’s eyebrows should stay shaped and colored. Your eyebrows give your eyes definition. Use brown or black eyeliner to make the eyes look larger.
  • Apply your base makeup to the eyelids. Then add a highlighter to the inner corner of the eye and the above the cheeks to open up the eyes. Always add mascara.
  •  Apply loose powder to eyelids as well as face to keep your eye makeup from fading.
  •  To help lipstick last longer, apply base and  powder to the lips. Then add a lip liner in a nude or soft taupe color. Apply the  liner generously onto the lips and a lip stain over the liner. Add gloss.
  •  Use water resistant eye liners that are creamy and last longer.
  • After applying your eye shadow, wet your brush with water and reapply the shadow.
  • Always use lighter color eye shadow under the brow and on the inner corners of the eyes.
  • To clean any mascara or eye shadow smudge under the eyes, use a highlighter or your base makeup.

Visit our site frequently for new tips and updates.

Evening Makeup – Get it right for the New Year

The Evening Makeup


Are you excited for the new year like I am? Planning on going out for new years eve in Dallas? If you going out for new years then you probably planning on looking breathtaking. You already got the the cute shoes and the right dress, but don’t forget about your makeup. It and break or make your outfit. Makeup can be very tricky to get right, specially when it comes to special occasions. Evening makeup is just one of those things you have to get right. Of course I am here to help, and with practice you’ll be able to get your makeup just right. Watch the video below and practice away. The countdown to new years starts today!


In this section of our video we’ll look at how to get your evening make up just right. Skip to 10 minutes and 40 seconds!

Lips, Lipstick and the right Color

Lips, Lipstick and the right Color

We all know by now that everything must balance. Remember that you need to wear red lipstick if you are wearing red.

Check out the video below for more tips! Skip to 14 minutes.

The Blush – Makeover – Putting on the blush the right way

How to properly put on the blush.

Start by creating a two finger space from the bottom of your eye. That’s where you want to apply the blush. Use a smooth circular motion to put on the blush.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how to properly apply blush to your face. 

University of Oklahoma Makeover Session – Makeup and Hair

Your personal stylist from Dallas visited OU students for some great advice on makeover. Ladan covers everything from makeup to self confidence. She also gives great advice on how to make a great first impression. Check out the full video below.

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