How to blow dry hair

Basics of Blow Drying Hair

What if you start your day with a bad blow dry? You probably already know that it will be real difficult correcting the problem the rest of the day. When and where are you going to get another opportunity to blow dry your hair during your busy day?

Let’s get this done right the first time.

After washing your hair, towel dry as much as practicable.  Apply mousse or styling product such as a gel from the roots to the ends.  However, don’t use a cream product unless you have curly hair.  Cream will be greasy on the roots, but is required to deal with the complexities of curly hair.  Curly hair needs to have the ends softened and only a cream will accomplish this.

Some people will “finger” blow dry their hair before using a styling brush.  This is done by stretching the roots.  Use your fingers to hold the hair away from the scalp.  This creates lift upon the roots and develops more body to the hair mass. However, this procedure is only used to develop volume to the hair and not styling or even significant drying.  For these, we move to the use of a styling brush and sectioning.

Separate the hair into one- inch layers starting at the back of the head and blow dry each section completely before moving to the next section. Use a round styling brush to manipulate and style the hair as it dries.  Blow dry beneath and to the sides of each layer before drying the top surface of the section.  It is critical to completely dry the section and eliminate all dampness before moving to the next layer of hair.   This ensures that your style will be stable for at least two days.  If the hair is damp, it will go back to being frizzy or flat and the styling will be lost.

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